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30 March 2020

Colouring-in for you ðŸ’–

Do you need something creative, to help turn your mind off for a few moments? Colouring in between the lines has always been something that calms me. I am currently creating individual prints and pictures for friends and family but I also wanted to create something that I could share further. Keep an eye on the tab at the top of my website called for you. I will add line drawings from photos in my camera roll, that you can download, print out and colour in. Pen, pencil, paint… whatever you fancy. Let me see your finished pieces by posting them with #handmadebycaroline and tagging me @handmadebycaroline_  on Instagram. Enjoy.

colour incolour in2

11 March 2020

Easter eggs embroidery a success!

They are not fancy and were much quicker to make than my genuine temari balls, but I am very happy with the pretty colours and Easter feeling these eggs bring! See my Easter crafting project journal entry below, for the full story.


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6 March 2020

Easter crafting project

I have been rearranging a few home decoration things and at the weekend I will get out some more spring and Easter bits, including my spring/Easter door wreath and family of German wooden rabbits! Small things like this make me feel happy. I always have two baskets of my Japanese temari balls (decorative hand embroidered balls,) no matter the season. This spring, I really want to create an Easter egg shaped temari ball. This morning I popped to a local art shop and bought five polystyrene ‘eggs’ - now I am looking at my pretty coloured threads and my temari books, along with a few pinterest photos  and as soon as I have time I want to start this next exciting project! Watch this space and wish me luck! I want to make my Japanese temari sensei proud :-)


21 February 2020

Document Neupfarrplatz

On a cold Sunday morning, we visited the underground area at Neupfarrplatz, Regensburg, known as Document  It is one of many areas in the old town with great historical relevance, and in the mid-1990s was excavated and preserved to be a reminder of the past. From above ground all that is visible is a small glass paving slab and the modern metal staircase leading to the underground section. As we descended the metal stairs and stepped into the first chamber, we could already see the layers of stone and concrete that each represented a period in the past. Neupfarrplatz itself was the site of the thriving Jewish quarter in medieval times. Now stands a large Protestant-Lutheran church, built in the 16th century. Our tour guide was very sensitive in describing the difficult history of the area, including the destruction of the Jewish quarter and its inhabitants. We also learnt how Neupfarrplatz (translated into English as New Parish Place) had also been the site of Roman officers’ quarters and laterly an air raid shelter during World War 2. Having walked across this area hundreds of times, it was good to hear more about what happened here. Now when I walk across to Edeka supermarket, I always think about what I learnt.


31 January 2020

Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Kobe

On my latest trip to Kobe, Japan, I discovered a museum that is new to me. Nestled in a beautiful green area very close to the busy station of Shin-Kobe  it was a great find for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I have visited friends and other places in this area, at the foot of Mount Rokko, but I never knew about this fascinating museum. The building itself is beautiful and housed inside is a wonderful collection of carpentry tools and examples of techniques, mostly from Japan but also from Europe too.  Alongside the breaktaking building, views from the windows and permanent exhibitions, we saw the special exhibition KIGUMI  :revealing the carpentry behind the wood joint. It is amazing to see all these examples of intricate joints, created from wood. How some of them were even imagined is just incredible. The intricacy and accuracy of the final joint is wonderful - and often completely invisible! This beautiful and educational building preserves, educates and holds a great role in the history and future of Japanese carpentry.


UPDATED 19 January 2020
8 January 2020 

Happy New Year!

As I update my website and think ahead to the exciting things that are already filling the calendar… I wonder how another year has passed so quickly. We all say it, but it is so true. I had a great couple of weeks of good company, good food and laziness and now it is back to normal and time to be productive, creative and positive! 

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19 January 2020
Thank you to all who joined my kinchaku craft class last week. What a fun few hours of crafting, chatting, eating and pure creativity. Not only did I spend time with great people, but like always, was inspired by how each individual approaches the same project in a unique way. It is something I will never tire of. Danke meine Handwerkkurs Freundinnen! Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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